When it comes to movies I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for blockbusters. Mindless, I know, but that’s the way it is. On the other hand I’m also a sucker for slice of life. The ordinary with a bit of shimmer. Dramas that leave you looking out into thin air when the credits start rolling. Not many accomplish this though. They are light-hearted and fun to watch but they fade quickly and they don’t affect you beyond that momentary smile. This movie I watched today was different in the sense that it actually made an impact and made you feel. Sounds cliché, I know, but it’s true. What’s funny with this is that it actually manages to take you away from your ordinary life, yet reminds you of the importance of the very same thing.


About Time revolves around a guy named Tim (Domhnall Gleeson). He lives a somewhat happy life with his very cool family made up of his father (Bill Nighy), his mother (Lindsay Duncan) and his somewhat crazy sister Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson). We don’t get to know too much actually but two things are for certain – he’s a bit awkward, especially when it comes to girls, and he lacks love in his life. Badam, this rings a bell, haha. Now this could be your average movie if it weren’t for the fact that his father shortly after the movie starts tells him that the males in his family have the ability to travel in time. All he has to do is stand in a dark place, clench his fists and think about the past moment he want to go to. What do you do with a power like this? Tim’s father reads lots of books. A family relative used it for fame and fortune, not so successfully apparently. Tim on the other hand, quite predictably, wants to use it to find the love of his life. Or at least a girlfriend. And here begins his journey.

It’s a touching story and while it can be claimed that it has all been done before it is still very well executed and with lovely actors and actresses. I love Bill Nighy, he is impossible not to like. So funny and so cool. And Rachel, she’s such a darling with those sparkling eyes. Furthermore it’s also very easy to relate to. I find myself smiling, laughing, crying, feeling awkward, feeling happy and so on, having been in many of the situations myself. It’s really a movie that stirs up your feelings. It’s a about relationships, be it family, friends or love. It’s about taking care of your present, knowing that it can never be experienced again. Given you’re not a time traveler that is 😉


For me it’s a movie that makes me want to walk an extra bit on the way home from the movie theater. To sit on my favorite bench. To ponder where I am in life and where I want to be. What I want in my life. To remember all the good moments from my life. Things I take for granted but that I really appreciate. My wonderful parents. My dear sister. My lovely friends. My coworkers who make everyday at work that something extra. I know I bitch about a whole lot and probably rightfully so at times, but it doesn’t diminish what I feel about the things that are important to me. And that is actually there. It’s about making the future and your life worth something.

On the other hand I can’t help but think what I’d done with a gift like that. Would I have abused it for money? To get more time for my hobbies? To be successful? Possibly. But I’m a bit like Tim. I would’ve probably tried to right my wrongs. To make things in my surroundings better. But as the movie teaches us, it doesn’t always work that way. Some things are just meant to be a certain way. I can’t get back my childhood years and enrich them, because they’ve made me who I am today. I couldn’t possibly stay in touch with all friends because losing them made place for new fantastic friends. I couldn’t have fixed my broken relationship and save her all tears, because she was meant to be much happier with another man. And I couldn’t right all my wrongs because making mistakes is how we learn things in life. Still, you somehow wish you could do all those things. But! Simply put, all you can do is be your best and all that comes with it! Be yourself. Be kind. Be humble. Apologize. Laugh. Hug. Help. So on, so forth. If Tim could do it, so can I. Hopefully. Even if I’m not a time traveler! All I wish I’d done is carve something special in that special bench of mine 😉

Night and lots of love!