Ended up being another good weekend although of course far too short. I don’t feel at all ready for work, exercise and stuff tomorrow. I feel like I’d want to rest another day. I can’t say I feel stressed but not entire relieved either. I’d want to just watch an entire season of a TV series, or get intimate with a book. Or something. Shouldn’t complain though, given that I’m free this Friday when we’re going to Stockholm.


These past two days I’ve managed to clean up the apartment. Couldn’t have done it without some much needed help from my adorable parents though. Now it looks decent again though of course a bit sterile and naked. That’s me though I guess. At least for the time being. Eventually maybe someone can add some personality and touch to it, you never know 😉

It’s been two quite pretty days too, even though it’s been raining. It’s not the kind of pretty autumn you picture in your head anymore but it’s fresh outside. It’s nice going for those long walks. But in all honesty I spent most of my time inside this weekend. Finished the third installment for two game series – Crysis and Halo. Two more games to scratch from my list. I cooked food for the first time in like… this year?! Crazy. And I cuddled with a kitty naturally. We also watched American Horror Story, the third season – Coven – which is shaping up to be really good. I like how they’ve made all of the three seasons entirely different. The first one was your psychological regular scary stuff, while the second one was atmospherically much more scary and just gory. The third one reminds me a bit more of True Blood. I like the witches approach. Recommended!






And finally, all the games and movies sorted in alphabetical order. Oh I’m such a nerd..