Hectic day. Tired! At work today I swapped between several projects and I also tagged along to the gym with my coworkers for the first time. It went well though I have to admit that I was a bit (understatement) fatigued afterwards. Kudos to my coworker Magnus who was really helpful with showing how the machines and exercises worked. Everyday hero. It’d be nice to be able to fit some exercise in during lunch but yeah. Getting there, working out, showering, getting back, eating. It might be a bit of a stretch but I’ll try to make it work!

After work I went with mom and dad to sis’ place to celebrate her birthday. I got spoiled with home made pizza and this delicious cocoa cake with polly candy, cream cheese and nuts. Naaw, not manly nuts, you know. edible nuts! Really tasty. I think I might have to bake it sometime and treat my neighbors 🙂 Which leads me to the fact that my cousin moved in next doors! Awesome.



It almost feels like my life is about filling the gaps of empty time at the moment. There’s always something on the schedule. It’s quite nice and I’m not really struggling to make it so. It used to be the other way around, that I was bored a lot and searched for people to hang out with. Now I barely find time to see all of my friends, which is a bit sad. But I’m trying!

Now I’m going to head to bed and get more sleep than usual. Having a somewhat important meeting tomorrow morning and feel like being properly rested for once. Take care you guys!