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It’s getting late again. Yesterday I fell asleep around 3am and promised myself that damn, tomorrow I’ll go to bed earlier. Now it’s 2am. Sigh. Next week needs a big improvement on that part. My brain can’t function properly. I feel now that it’s turning off, haha. Yesterday I got caught up with Typing Races and its mission. Sigh. I’m such a nerdy loser! 😛

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Tonight we watched The Conjuring and ate Anna’s homemade pizza. Yay! It was a good and quite scary movie and the food was yummy! Before that I slept till like 2pm, took a walk and spoke to an old friend I haven’t caught up with in ages. Feel somewhat bad about that. Hope I’ll get the chance to see him real soon. Life changes much over the span of years. People come and go. Sad but true.

Yesterday I hung out with Andreas, Linnéa and Kristofer. We watched Kick-Ass 2 and ate unhealthily amounts of candy and other Friday necessities. After the movie me and Andreas was going to book train tickets for our trip to Stockholm in two weeks. Going to see the Monster Jam show in Friends Arena. So like two weeks ago we watched SJ’s homepage and the prices were OK. I mean not cheap but they were decent. I think around 2000 SEK there and back again, for both of us. Well lo and behold, the same trip was now up to 4000 SEK.


Sooo… we were like, OK, let’s take the car then. But then I insisted that we check some more. Since I can’t take turn driving with Andreas since I’m not done with the driver’s license yet I thought it’d be nice if we travel by bus or train. Then Kristofer suggested that we check flight prices. To make a long story short (OK, I know I’ve already stretched it but bare with me) we ended up taking the flight from Gothenburg to Stockholm and back again and it cost us about 1600 SEK. Isn’t that insane?! That it’s that cheap to fly domestically and first and foremost that it’s cheaper than taking the train. Which sucks in a way since it’s much better for the environment if we could’ve taken the latter. They really ought to do something about the prices.

Apart from that I’m having difficulties picking a perfume. I’ve narrowed it down to Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, Lanvin Avantgarde, Rochas Man and Dirty English. We’ll see what I end up with. Had a spray of Boss In Motion yesterday and damn, I’ve forgot how good that smelled. There are just too many good scents out there. I need to find a signature scent. It has been Le Male and Versace Pour Homme. Now I’m mostly using Calvin Klein Euphoria Intense.

Better get some sleep. Tomorrow I’m having exercise planned and a trip to Jönköping to see Lars Winnerbäck! \o/ Nighty night darlings!

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  1. Daylight Savings Time for the win! =)

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