Boy oh boy. ‘Tis a good day this day, despite walking home and getting all soaked by the rain. Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all in the end. Partly because my brilliant and oh so lovely waxed coat works wonders in the rain. But also because… tis a good day!

I must share a short story with you from work. There is this fabulous triumvirate at work consisting of me, Erik and Mattias. Me and Erik being the producers and Mattias being our unofficial leader, the one who also unofficially delegates work to us because he just prefers to not do it himself. I gotta say that it’s great this situation. We all have our places. Me being the technical director and backend boss, Erik being head of frontend and web trends and Mattias being the mastermind tying it all together. The chemistry is good and we’re having fun. So, what’s fun with that? Hang on..

You know there’s this habit online where you tend to have external links, links that lead to pages outside of the site you’re currently at, open in a new window or a new browser tab. This is so that you when you’re closing the link down you’re still going to be where you left off on the first site. Some argue that this is wrong however, that it’s supposed to be up to the user to decide whether or not he or she wants to open it in a new window or not. Mattias and I tend to think that it’s better to guide the user by opening in a new window, while Erik strongly advocates the web standard, to let the user decide. And thus never open in a new window.

Today we posted a new article on our company blog about flat design. Go check it out if you’re interested. All of a sudden Mattias announces, with a smirk on his face, that he’s happy that Erik decided to have the links in it opened in a new window. I overhear it of course, sitting opposite to him, and I immediately know what Erik’s reaction is gonna be. Earlier on he had muttered something about “someone changing the link behavior in his blog post”. Haha. I looked at Erik, and then Mattias, and then burst out into laughter. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mattias that happy either. Erik wasn’t sooooo pleased but I think he realized the comedy in it too. So yeah, hilarious nerdiness~~~

On my way home I also stopped by at Din Deli’s to pick up a gift card I got for helping them out with their homepage. You can now visit them if you want to order a christmas box of goodies. I think I’ll be eating delicious treats up until Xmas given how generous they were. Thanks guys, and glad you liked my work!


Tonight I also hung out with Stina and watched a couple of episodes of Dexter. I haven’t been overly excited about the season so far but now it’s getting good. I think we have three episodes left or something. Can’t wait to see how it ends! It’s exciiiiting! Plus I love what it happening and the current characters. Season 7 was super nice but this is turning out to be real good as well. Hope it ends with a bang, but a good bang, haha. Plus, I’ll be spoiler sensitive here, I love the Dexter and Hannah pairing. They’re awesome together, I hope they run away together! And I love Yvonne Strahovski. Totally pretty! Makes me miss kisses, passion and you know what, haha. So yeah, totally check the latest season of Dexter out if you haven’t already. And don’t miss out on blue cheese, ginger bread and this year’s Blossa. Lovely!


Chris Harris is my favorite automotive presenter at the moment. He seems like such a good guy, sure can drive a car and can deliver what it feels like in video format like no one else. The slow motion shots of the Berlinetta in this video are crazy. Love the muted colors!