So today Apple finally announced some updates to their product lineups. Sweet! Especially since I’m up for an update on the workstation side at work. So what did we get?

  • New full-sized iPad – the iPad Air. Thinner bezel, better CPU, same battery life, lighter
  • iPad Mini with Retina display and better CPU
  • New Mac Pro with quite the nice design. Small, silent but packs a ton of power. Xeon CPUs, Firepro compute cards, PCI-Express SSD storage, etc
  • MacBook Pros with Intel Haswell chips in them. Lowered price. One 15″ without discrete GPU to cut price. PCI-Express based SSD storage

They also released Mavericks officially and it’s free apparently. Great! So is the new iLife and iWork apps, if you buy a new computer that is. Not sure if it’s for upgrading users as well. One thing is for sure though, hoping I get a new 15″ killer computer at work 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 22.54.30

Getting the Google Analytics IQ certification taught me a thing or two about the tool. In all honesty I knew most of it before but still. Now I can assure people of the fact that I know it. In any case, I realize that spamming Facebook with your blog content draws traffic. I barely ever post things I blog about on FB unless I think it’s something important I want friends to read. My post from yesterday attracted 35 readers and the average time on that page was well above five minutes which I guess meant that people read it. Makes me happy. But like I said, this was an exception, still tells you a thing or two about the power of Facebook. However, I like to think that people come to your homepage, blog or whatever it might be because they’re interested in reading what you have to say and not because you tell them to, and that’s how it should be. I’m still somewhat surprised that some of you genuinely come here to read what I have to share. Even though I write more or less for myself it makes me happy that it reaches out to at least a few kind hearted souls.

New poster for the teaser trailer for the upcoming Captain America movie, The Winter Soldier. Trailer is going to be released in two days apparently. Nice! Always looking forward to a good Marvel flick 🙂