Damn, I started reading this book called Inferno by Dan Brown about 3-4 months ago and was really excited to do some “reading” (audio book) again. Then things got in between and lately I’ve been falling asleep whilst listening quite a lot. Anyway, finally got around to finish it and I must say it didn’t disappoint. Sure, it’s not awesome writing nor does it have any real character development but it’s exciting and it has its moments. Teaches you a thing or two. Plus it makes you want to travel and see all these fantastic locations that are described in the book. At the moment Hagia Sophia.


Here’s a favorite excerpt from the book. This is why I tend to read. Character interaction. Emotions. And this is what I love most in life. Tenderness. Affection. It’s when you realize you really like a person. Steals my heart in an instant.

Sienna’s slim frame was shaking now, as if the floodgates of sorrow and uncertainty were about to burst wide. “Robert, I … I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know who I am anymore. Look at me.” She put a hand on her bald scalp. “I’ve turned into a monster. How can I possibly face—”
Langdon stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. He could feel her body trembling, feel her frailty against his chest. He whispered softly in her ear.
“Sienna, I know you want to run, but I’m not going to let you. Sooner or later you need to start trusting someone.”
“I can’t …” She was sobbing. “I’m not sure I know how.”
Langdon held her tighter. “You start small. You take that first tiny step. You trust me.”

Sienna Brooks stood alone at the window, gazing out at the lights of the runway, which looked ghostly in the low-lying fog and gathering clouds. Atop a control tower in the distance, the Turkish flag fluttered proudly—a field of red emblazoned with the ancient symbols of the crescent and star—vestiges of the Ottoman Empire, still flying proudly in the modern world.
“A Turkish lira for your thoughts?” a deep voice said behind her.
Sienna did not turn. “A storm is coming.”
“I know,” Langdon responded quietly.
After a long moment, Sienna turned to him. “And I wish you were coming to Geneva.”
“Nice of you to say so,” he replied. “But you’ll be busy talking about the future. The last thing you need is some old-fashioned college professor slowing you down.”
She gave him a puzzled look. “You think you’re too old for me, don’t you?”
Langdon laughed out loud. “Sienna, I am definitely too old for you!”
She shifted uncomfortably, feeling embarrassed. “Okay … but at least you’ll know where to find me.” She managed a girlish shrug. “I mean … if you ever want to see me again.”
He smiled at her. “I’d enjoy that.”
She felt her spirits lift a bit, and yet a long silence grew between them, neither of them quite certain how to say good-bye.
As Sienna stared up at the American professor, she felt a surge of emotion she wasn’t accustomed to feeling. Without warning, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him full on the lips. When she pulled away, her eyes were moist with tears. “I’ll miss you,” she whispered.
Langdon smiled affectionately and wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll miss you, too.”
They stood for a long while, locked in an embrace that neither seemed willing to end. Finally, Langdon spoke. “There’s an ancient saying … often attributed to Dante himself …” He paused. “‘Remember tonight … for it’s the beginning of forever.’”
“Thank you, Robert,” she said, as the tears began to flow. “I finally feel like I have a purpose.”

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