The plan was to make this a really easy going weekend. Not sure how that has panned out so far. Wanted to just catch up on rest and play a game maybe. Or not even that. But yeah. Ended up having dinner with family today and seeing sis for the first time in a while. She came home from New York today. Always enjoy spending time with family. Priceless~

Apart from that I’ve been taking a lovely stroll with Kristofer and Linnéa in the splended October weather. It was quite possibly one of the prettiest days of autumn today. So colorful, so warm, so tranquil. I didn’t really get that feeling in my mind though but that probably has to do with other stuff. But yeah, beautiful day. In the evening I was having dinner with some friends, namely Anna, Eric, Sara and Moa. Before the dinner the gals were making a couple of guys pretty for a halloween masquerade. And by pretty I mean actually making them look like girls. Man, that was somewhat creepy, haha. Sara #2 stopped by to say hello to the new kitty of Källgatan as well. The oh so lovely little Siri.

So yeah, been a good day. Ended up being all alone with my TV and a series in the end though. As usual it seems, when people get tired or leave for various reasons. But it’s OK I guess. Life is good really. It’s mellow. It could use some seasoning though. Honestly. I’m lacking the excitement but I shouldn’t complain. I’m having lots of laughs lately and work is going really well. I wonder why there’s always this urge to complain about something. Well, I won’t. No need for that.

Tomorrow I’ve promised a relative to stop by and help them out with some movie editing. Or at least talk about a home movie they wanted me to edit for them. I’m going for a long walk too since I’ve been having far too many treats these past two days. Hopefully the weather will be as good as today. There’s some work that needs to be sorted out as well. Not to mention that I should probably do the laundry, but that won’t happen. And tend to the apartment in oh so many ways. Sigh. So much for that calm weekend. Man oh man.