No it’s not a movie title though it could possibly be. But tonight I’m not sure where time’s went. Came home around 8pm after a short walk with Anna and then I’ve just been lying on my bed, haha. YouTube and Facebook might be some of the culprits, you never know. I must say to my defense though that I did actually throw my old dishwasher out. After 2-3 months of it just acting as a temporary table.

Good day none the less, thought I definitely need to step up my game with exercising the coming days. I gave in for my sugar craving after today’s four hour long meeting and had some danish pastry. Damn. But it was delicious, I give you that. An extremely good day at work to be honest, even though it was somewhat exhausting in the end. Had lunch with a good friend too and goofed around in the glasses store.

Now I’m going to use the bed for what it’s actually for. Sleeping. But not this very instant. Noooooo. I’m far too excited about how things are going in my book. The bad part about audio books though is that you always fall asleep and you have to rewind to a point where you actually remember what you’ve heard. I’ve probably listened to a few parts over and over. If only the app could detect when my mind is not there anymore and stop the playback.