Today I made the mistake of having a cup of coffee. Should not have done that. Haha. I really like a cup of coffee or cappuccino every once in a while but it does the opposite of wonders to my stomach and brain. It’s like someone pours something into me that fuels anxiety. Horrible. Thank God I’ve somewhat learned to control it. Now I’m feeling fiiiiiiine again~~ 🙂


Going to bed early today to listen to my audio book again. It’s getting really exciting now. I like how Dan Brown always manages to surprise you even though you thought you got it all figured out. At the moment I’m just listening to some music and letting the calm sink into my body. I’ve been kind of stressed out for the last three days so it feels lovely to be relaxed. Been listening to Veronica Maggio’s first album. Wasn’t really sure if I’d like that or not but it turns out I like it just as much as Satan i gatan and and Och vinnaren är…. Not to mention the new album which is brilliant as well. I’m actually going to see her in the beginning of February. Looking forward to that! <3 Wish I also had the chance to see Ellie Goulding in Sthlm in January but I don't think that'll be possible. Think I'll be needing to invest in a couple of new vinyl records though. Please save my wallet... veronica-maggio-handen-i-fickan-785x785

Been having a great weekend too despite the slight issues with stress. Damn that poor psyche of mine. Wish I’d be able to go to a second hand store and buy myself a used but good one. Anyway, been celebrating kanelbullens dag of course. Like I’d really care but who says no to a delicious cinnamon bun, eh?! Went to see the movie Rush as well, more about that in another post. Eventually. Did some work on one of my RC cars and of course it ended up not starting in the end. As always. I wonder if something ever goes according to plan in that hobby?! Was hanging out a bit with Nathalie and Linus as well. Haven’t seen them in ages, and neither their little kittycat Chili. Thoroughly enjoyed that even if I only got to see them for a short period of time~



We started to watch this series called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D too. Given what I’d read about it I didn’t really have any expectations but was positively surprised. I like how they tie certain events to the Marvel movies that you’ve seen on the big screen already. I like Agent Coulson as well. What I don’t really like is the kickass guy they have on the team. Well, at least he is supposed to be the kickass guy but he comes off as kind of lame. Should’ve casted Adam Baldwin instead, haha.

Sweet dreams y’all~~