Yeah, it’s Wednesday. You could argue that it’s business time. But not in the very true sense. But it’s business time in another sense. I gotta confess that I’m a bit drunk. Damn, it’s been a while. It’s a double edged sword really. I always feel so simple and light hearted when I’m drunk. Like life is so easy and yeah.. but it also comes with those good ol’ memories which screw me over. But hell, let’s set them aside for now.

Tonight I’ve been having a great time with good friends. Been watching quite a few episodes of Arrow with Erik. Damn I miss just watching lots of episodes of good series. I don’t do that a whole lot lately. In fact I don’t do that at all. And yeah I like to do these half crazy things like drinking on a Wednesday. Why be so fucking Swedish and live by the norm? Mmmmm.

I guess the reason why you gotta be so Swedish is the fact that it’s a day tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday and it’s work again. It’s a bit insane that it’s already Thursday though. Which means that it’s almost weekend again. And I’ve barely noticed working to be honest. What the heck am I going to do this weekend? I feel like going to a restaurant and eat supremely good food. Or something along those lines. I’m sure that I’m going to watch the movie Rush though. Looking forward to that. I feel like fixing up one of my RC cars too. Been putting that up for quite a while. The apartment is a mess too so yeah. Haha. Sigh…

Think I better sleep now. Sleep tight yo~~

Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You
Veronica Maggio – Va kvar

PS. ♥ ♥ ♥