You know that feeling when you’re really tired and it feels like heaven to go to bed? You’re not super tired but just the right amount so that you can actually enjoy the feeling. Savor it. Well that’s me today. Been having two good days in a row but it’s also made me tired in that oh so nice way. And it’s Friday tomorrow. Weekend again, did I say that?! What the fuck is going on here..


Had a couple of beers with my buddies Björn and Erik at the local hotel tonight. It was quite the random place to end up at really, especially since we tried like three other places before. But shame on he who gives up! I could have probably sat there the entire evening but the guys had band rehearsal. You do these kind of things far too seldom really. Precious yet simple moments.

I kinda feel good about myself and my situation again. You know, like life has more ups than downs. Several good things coming up as well. But I also enjoy doing nothing really. Just being home alone and tend to myself. Were talking to the guys earlier today about life in general. How it changes from year to year. And how you should really appreciate it when it’s good to you. This time of the year, pretty much exactly a year ago, I was going through a rough time. My ex had just left for work abroad and work was extremely tough. It was rock bottom really. It all feels so distant now. Especially the work thing. At the time it felt like a mental block of sorts. I just couldn’t focus and didn’t get any work done what so ever. It was crazy. Weeping at the airport one second and then having to shoulder the entire web responsibility the next, with close to no energy in the system. I’m glad I pulled through and that the situation at work cleared up and changed for the better.

It’s funny though, because even though it cost me dearly and made me feel horrible I value the experience. Taught me a lot. For instance I’ve learned that it’s OK to have “bad” feelings but you don’t have to necessarily act on them all the time. Just having the knowledge is good because it says a lot about your situation. Not letting a feeling of sadness or loneliness ruin all of your day, but actually taking note of those feelings and trying to make your situation better. Somewhat.

Tomorrow is Friday and kanelbullens dag. Looking forward to a slow day at work and some nice company from my neighbors. Apart from that, naaaaww…. my brain has shut down at the moment so we’ll have to continue another day.

But of course, the brand new trailer for the second installment in the Hobbit series. Looking forward to this of course. I can’t believe that it’s soon here already. Almost one year since that very snowy but cozy day. Insane in the membrane.