I’m “reading” (audio book) this book lately by Dan Brown that is called Inferno. And in it he was mentioning this bridge called the Bridge of Sighs. Which got me thinking of this bridge in Paris which I’d call the padlock bridge, but in reality it’s called the Pont the Arts. I think this is quite romantic and yeah, I just like the concept. I feel like I want to put a padlock there in the future. Kinda wish I already did. Definitely ♥

The idea of course is that you as a couple put your initials or names on a padlock and lock it to a bridge to symbolize unbreakable love. And it also reminds me of this anime that I really loved and which touched me deeply. Nana. A character had a padlock which he had to remind him of a certain person who he would forever hold dear. I found that very sweet. Anyway, padlock bridges. Nice. Very nice~