Going to bed early. For once. It hasn’t really been a long day but I was up somewhat early cleaning out the laundry room. For some reason I always end up using more than the allotted time. I’m such a bad boy. Usually it doesn’t matter though but this morning someone had already begun washing once I got down. I hope he didn’t get mad at me for using up one of the machines.

Today I’ve had such a craving for sugar or desserts more specifically. It didn’t help to watch to watch Dessertmästarna on TV today. Damn! I need to go to a restaurant real soon and it some good meat and a proper dessert. Nomnomnom.

Now I’m going to listen to my audio book and maybe I’ll get to actually listen to it for a while before falling asleep. Usually I fall asleep within 5-10 minutes and when I’m going to continue the next day I have no idea where I was more or less.

Btw! Maggio is releasing teasers of her new album which is due for Friday. I think she’s going to release two songs every day this week. So listen in!

Oh and I got a cute photo from Catharina at work today. I think we made quite a cute couple if only for the night, don’t you think Sara? 🙂


Still waiting for the photos that we took during the night and then I’ll share some more about the actual party.