October. Taste it. But what a fabulous autumn it’s been so far. I was sitting on the balcony a bit today around 4pm or so. In a t-shirt and sweatpants and I wasn’t freezing one bit. The sun was really nice and there was no wind at all. Could’ve sat there for hours to be honest. But I didn’t. Instead I went inside and played GTA V, muhahaha. I did find this little rascal though, whose voluminous work I had to record.

This weekend passed really quickly. As pretty much every other weekend. It’s a mystery that. I wonder if science could look into it. Whatever is going on with time during Saturday and Sunday. I’m quite sure that time speeds up. In some way. I actually read the other day that the way we perceive life might be tied to how big we are. Small insects for instance, can perceive things in slow motion when compared to us humans. Apparently they can pick up light more frequent (or something like that) which in turn leaves them able to react more quickly. It’s all relative of course. I’m sure that from their perspective it’s not really slow motion. Though they must think that we are really slow. Anyway, I wonder if we can apply this scientific knowledge to weekends. Like… spiritually you usually become bigger during these two last days of the week. Which would mean that in a sense we become bigger and thus also slower while time still moves on in the same pace and we perceive it as time moving quicker. Mystery solved! Eh… right.

Yesterday I was in Borås. When was the last time I was there anyway? I like traveling by bus anyway. It’s nice. Going somewhere without really making an effort. Just relaxing and looking at things go by. I ended up ordering a pair of boots and also bought two new pair of jeans. For some odd reason my jeans always tears up in the crotch. I wonder if science could help me explain this one as well or if I’m just fat thighed or something. Feels like I’m on a clothes shopping spree. It’s gotta come to an end now though. Getting too expensive.

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.com

I also met up this girl that I’ve been talking to online for a while. I really try not to have any expectations lately as it’s highly likely that you’ll end up disappointed and sad when they’re not met, but of course you kind of wish that things will be good. But yeah, more or less no expectations. Apart from wanting to have a good time of course. We chatted quite a lot, had a few laughs and some coffee. Unfortunately that was all there was for me since I didn’t really feel anything in the gut and I actually thought that she didn’t really have a good time either. It was somewhat relaxed for seeing the person for the first time though. Eventually we parted at the bus station and I went home. Then I was surprised to hear that she’d gladly meet me again if I wanted to, since apparently she’d had a good time. Not at all the reaction I would have guessed. Felt good in a way since that meant that I left a good impression but it felt equally bad (if not more) telling her that friendship was the only thing I could offer. I was relieved to know that she understood though and that was that.

A good experience none the less for me. In terms of courage and mentality. Some would say that it’s one step towards moving on but I’m not so sure myself really. I wish I could stop myself from comparing too much. Then again I guess this is what it’s like. With experience you come to understand what you want. What you appreciate, what feels right and what doesn’t. I should be happy for having been shown what it feels like when it’s right and what I like in a person and use that as a compass. Just not use it as too much of a template. That way you’ll be searching for more or less a carbon copy and that really won’t work. But I try to be open minded and let everyone show me their good sides. That’s definitely the best part about meeting people. Giving everyone a chance. Or at least try to. I’ve gotten to know many good friends that way. Quite a few unlikely friends really. But yeah, here’s hoping I’ll meet someone I’ll like that extra bit again. And maybe not after too much searching and too long time. Though of course it’s always worth it, when you eventually reach it. I should know 🙂

Today we also watched The Purge. Pathetic movie, but I knew that already. Still, killed a couple of hours. Now it’s time for me to sleep, yet another day of work tomorrow. Good night fellow babies~


PS. I had the most funny dream the other day. I think I’m starting to obsess a bit about my weight after all. Or maybe not. Haha. But anyway, I dreamt that I had a flat belly button once again. Which was like 10 years ago. Haha. Sooooo silly!