Today has been a fairly decent Thursday if I may say so myself. Did a coworker a favor and upgraded his work computer and reinstalled the operating system. Basically what you all need to do is install an SSD in your computer if you haven’t already. This can make an old computer (and a new one too for that matter!) feel fresh and snappy again. Especially in laptops where the regular mechanical counterparts are truly slow. It also saves your precious battery. Apart from that I managed to get some regular work in as well.


After work I had high hopes for cooking something good to eat with Moa but she had indulged in eating biscuits big time so that plan went down the drain. You gotta make that up to me, you hear that Moa!?!? But we did go for a nice walk and had a nice chat at least so I guess it was alright in the end. I also had sushi with Eric and Kaj earlier on so my quota of good food was filled in all honesty. After that I met up with Andreas and we played some GTA, laughed hard about stupid things that probably no one else understands and drank alcohol. Drunk on a Thursday, that’s good shit! It’s wearing off now though, sadly >_< Now I'm listening to some Maggio and getting overly nostalgic when her wonderful lyrics rushes over me. Ahhhh. Precious feelings. It's getting late but I'm set on listening to some audio book before falling asleep. Tomorrow, last piece of work this week and apart from that. Uhhhh. GTA, most likely and relaxing. I'm invited to Nathalie's as well. Might end up going there for a while. On Saturday I'm going shopping for some new jeans and hopefully I'll find the boots from Loake I'm obsessing about right now. And I'm having the first date of my life. Date. Uh, I hate that "concept", but oh well. Call it what you want. It'll be fun anyways! ridklubben

Oh and this lovely song stuck to me after just listening to it once. Or actually I think I’ve heard it before. But I saw it in a video a friend sent to me and yeah. It is simply lovely! Watch the video, listen to it on Spotify! Honestly, do yourself a favor. I’m not sure why I haven’t heard this before. It’s so good your heart wants to just jump out of your chest. This song is for all the ones I love and all the ones I’ve loved. Love you! :,)

Radical Face – Welcome Home, Son