This is so awwwwww and awwwwwwwwww >_<

Back in July there was a huge viral video of a cat being rescued by a firefighter that has since been recut to be an ad for GoPro Hero 3 cameras. It left me feeling warm, fuzzy, and generally happy.

The bad news is that after this ad appeared it came out that the cat in the video later died of smoke inhalation. GoPro reps said they were unaware that this had happened. Some were angry at the company for still using the video but I still see a happy story here.

Yes. The cat later died, but we saw firefighter Cory Kalanick’s amazing efforts to save a helpless animal. Sometimes life happens and it kicks us in the teeth when it doesn’t end like a fairy tale, but as long as we have people like Cory and the countless men and women trying to do good I’ll sleep a little better at night.