We’re mourning a bit today. And you know why?! Well, Anna let me know earlier on that our favorite gladiator Wolf won’t be coming back for a third season. Buuuuhuuuuu! That sucks of course! Especially since we were planning on going to the recording set. Bleh. Haha. I guess in all honesty it doesn’t matter THAT much but still. A bit boring!


Now I’m browsing through old photos. Started out being curious about what I did this day a year ago. Had no photo of that day unfortunately. But I always end up with a smile and a couple of laughs when I go through old photos. Haha. Friends. Family. Funny movies. Dararara, dararara, dararararararara dararaaaaaaaa. An old Bodenhem tune found me, haha. Lots and lots of cat photos and movies. Building computers. Being drunk. Running RC cars. Walking on the frozen lake. Of course hanging out with my ex a lot, very funny that girl, haha. “VAR ÄR MIN SMÖRGÅS?!”. And pretty as a flower! Even found a shockingly revealing photo of myself that I thought was deleted. Scaaaary! But apart from that last part I can’t help but miss those good old times a bit. So much fun, so much warmth. Lovely~ :,)


No, this is not me 🙂

2011-07-28 21.46.01