It’s been a fabulous weekend but as you all know, far too short, as is always the case. Friday I hung out with Eric, Anna and Henrik and watched this funny movie called Evil Dead. Not the original one though but the remake. It was actually quite stylish but not as funny as the one with Bruce. It had some scenes that were quite disturbing to watch really but it also had some that made no sense at all, which made it pretty funny. Yesterday me and Sara went to Niclas and Moa’s birthday party which was quite the event I must say. It was nice to dress up all nice and so was the actual evening and the people invited. Just wish we didn’t have to leave as soon as we did. I crashed another birthday party after coming home and so today has been dedicated to recovering. Meaning eating unhealthy food, watching F1 with three sleeping beauties (Andreas, Eric & Anna. Surprised?!? ;-P) and playing GTA. I’m getting into the gaming groove again. Sweet! I also had a really nice breakfast with Anna consisting of ice cream. Well done, Michael! This coming week needs some proper exercising or I’ll take a step backwards. That can’t be the case!

Here are a few photos from yesterday. I don’t have all of them yet, will probably add a few more later on. But for now they’ll have to make do.

Sweet dream sugarpies~