This day I haven’t had any energy to do anything really. It all feels like a blur. Tonight is definitely the time to get some sleep in. Yeah. Definitely. After work and accompanied by heavy rain I went for a walk with Linnéa. Earlier today it looked as if the evening would be really nice but just after I had finished my day at work it started pouring down. As if someone was pouring buckets of water from the skies. Insane. But it cleared up and we had quite a nice stroll in the end. Talked about traveling and I realized how little I have seen of the world. I hope that in the coming five years or so I will get the chance to travel more.

Yeah. Sleep. Oh yeah, I’ve been asked on dates. Several times these last weeks. Feels odd that people are showing an interest in you. Definitely not used to that. Almost feels a bit awkward. And I’ll be damned if I’m not a bit nervous. Then again, what have I got to lose? It seems I’m somewhat good at making a good first impression so let’s hope that stays with me. I actually got complimented today via a colleague. She had been golfing with a guy that’s my client of sorts and he thought that I was knowledgeable and great to work together with. Reliable. That made me proud and happy. That’s the impression I want to make. I’m also glad that the persons who are, in a sense, my “clients” appreciate the work I do.

With that said, sweet dreams readers~ 🙂