Yet another day goofing off with Andreas & Anna. And yeah, we tried GTA V out. If only for a bit, and if only for doing stupid stuff like hitting random people and running off of cliffs. Now I’m also all set for Saturday’s party. Damn, this wine red vest I got, it’s smokin’. Photo coming eventually. Can’t wait to try it all on. Tomorrow maybe?! We’ll see.

Facts of today:

  • People in advertising are wacky, but in a good way
  • I look like an earl – apparently
  • It’s only three months left till christmas
  • Wasting money is easy
  • Ahmen & Nielsen kicks ass
  • Anna is, in secret, a man
  • Andreas holds the key that unlocks the mystery to never gaining weight
  • My friends eat all of my candy and snacks (thank you!)
  • They also use my stove more often than I do
  • Math can in fact wear a person out
  • In two weeks or so we’ll be turning back time
  • My wall clock has officially signed out
  • Instant Crush might just be the tune of the year

All that said, clock is well past 2am again and I am such a sore loser when it comes to going to bed in time. Good night fellas!