Haha, I’m up waaaay too late again. Ok, it’s Saturday so it’s more or less justified but it’s a day tomorrow (technically today) too so I should probably sleep soon. Tomorrow I’ll go shopping for some clothes (yeah I postponed it!) and go to Anna’s birthday FIKA. Apart from that probably just rest and go for a walk. I’ll be fine with a little less sleep. Wait, didn’t I say as recent as yesterday that I’d take better care of my body&health and sleep more. Oops, maybe I did >_<

It’s been another good day today! \o/ Been goofing around with Eric, Anna and Andreas for most of it. Was fun! Thank god for good friends to hang out with when you don’t feel like being alone which is most of the time these days. At least when I have the energy. Ate tacos, talked shit and laughed about lots of random things. Life’s good. Later on me and Andreas played some Halo 3 coop for a couple of hours. Damn, I don’t know how to feel about that game. It’s fun but at the same time extremely frustrating. I remember me and Jonas trying to finish it but never really got around to it. I think probably because he lost his temper, haha.

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 13.28.22

Also been taking a long stroll in the lovely weather that was today. Kinda hot! I pretty much walked (and even ran parts without dying!) around the entire city which tells you a bit of how small our town is. I realized how much has changed along the route I call Ridklubbsturen. They’re building a freeway between Borås and Ulricehamn which means that currently it looks like chaos out there. And as always those things leave me feeling a bit odd since it’s sad seeing pretty nature get demolished. The people over at the horse club didn’t care though as today they were arranging a western riding competition. Actually recognized a name, Helena, I wonder how she did. The horses are really pretty and so were the cowboyws and cowgirls. The former are pretty intimidating once you get close to them though, you realize how big they really are.



Did the lovely chore of laundry today as well. My shower curtain doesn’t look like something dead anymore! Well done, Michael. That leaves me with the dishes and a dirty floor from hell. Come to my rescue oh you lovely vacuum cleaner!

Andreas showed me this cool video featuring a festival called Tomorrowland from Belgium. Damn, looks like quite the experience. Maybe someone wants to tag along next year?

Well, I better be off to sleep! Tonight is just one of those nights/days that you don’t really wanna sleep. You feel like you wanna stay up till the sun rises and you can sit on the balcony drinking tea and just… yeah. But if it’s anything I’ve learnt through the years it is that it’s better sleeping, even if only for a couple of hours. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll be alright. You won’t. Unless you sleep during the day that is. Works quite splendid actually 😉


David Guetta – Sunshine
Avicii – Liar Liar
Veronica Maggio – Sju sorger
Veronica Maggio – Mitt hjärta blöder
Oskar Linnros – Från och med Du