Down 5 kilos! Oh I realize now what people feel like when they’re losing weight and all that. I feel so stupid and like a fucking hypocrite. I used to think that damn, why worry so much about your weight when someone complained about it referring to themselves. You’re good as you are and all that. And of course that still holds true. Used to get irritated when people got themselves hung up on their training, the results and all that too. Probably because I couldn’t really understand. Think I realize a bit of it now at least.

It’s not so much about the actual weight loss even though that’s a bonus. For me it’s more about what you set out for and achieving that. Goes for lots of things in life really and that’s what gives us our kicks. With losing weight it’s a bit more rewarding since you put in quite an effort to get there. It takes time and some dedication. But sure, the weight loss is nice as well, I won’t lie. It’s healthy, it’s better looking, you feel more alert, and you can wear some of your old clothes again. I can use my favorite tee again without looking like the michelin man.

Sorry for being an insolent fool!


9/9 – 8km
10/9 – 3km
11/9 – 5km
12/9 – 5km
13/9 – 0km
14/9 – 12km
15/9 – 3km

9/9 – 76.2kg
10/9 – 76.6kg
11/9 – 76.4kg
12/9 – 76.5kg
13/9 – 75.7kg
14/9 – 75.9kg
15/9 – 75.7kg

Avg = 76.1kg

PS. I really don’t want to brag or anything. Just want to show that it’s possible with a relatively small effort 🙂