It’s Friday. Again. The weeks just keep swishing by. And it’s late! And my heart is acting up again. Sigh. I also have this muscle that’s twitching right above my left eye. Probably a sign that I should sleep more. So yeah, this weekend I promise to get in bed earlier and sleep longer. Promise. Yeah. Promise!

Today’s been a good day. Experimenting with AngularJS at work. It’s not often that I’m excited about programming anymore but this actually got me excited. I remember certain points in my career, stepping stones if you’d like, that felt like real achievements. For instance learning to create your first dynamic homepage with a scripting language. Learning to use a database to store and retrieve data. AJAX. jQuery. WordPress. Etc. This Angular library is a real promising framework for writing web apps in a more easy way. I sure love the way you data bind stuff. How changing a variable in the JavaScript code can be so tightly tied to the UI/HTML. Awesome.


Barbecued this evening too. Been using the grill two weekends in a row now. It was frequently used during vacation but then it got forgotten in the basement while the weather at the same time declined. But now it’s been nice again. Yummy! For some reason it was producing smoke like Diablo’s nostrils tonight which was kinda funny. When you leave the lid on for quite a time and then remove it, it produces a very dense smoke cloud that almost looks like a mushroom cloud from a bomb. Amazing and very funny!


I also got our masks delivered today which is quite extraordinary given that I ordered them yesterday and that they were shipped from Venice. From Venice, Italy to Ulricehamn, Sweden in one night. Well done UPS! They’re really cool to be honest. They’re not steel obviously, even though they look like it, but they’re quite heavy and feel well made still. Tomorrow I’m going shopping for a new bow tie and and a vest for my suit. Poor Sara lost lots her luggage on the way to Stockholm, I just hope she hasn’t lost the clothes she intends to wear next weekend.

And this is probably what I’ll end up looking like apart from the hair and some details. Looking for a wine red bow tie and napkin.


What else from this day?! Well of course! Avicii released his new album. A year or so back I barely knew who he was but like I mentioned in an earlier post I’m somewhat funny like that. I don’t really listen to the radio or care for what’s ‘hot’ at the moment. Unless someone gives me advice on what to listen to. So I kinda jumped the Avicii bandwagon late. He truly is a genius though. His house is so melodic in general which is what I really like and I guess many others as well. Now he’s also experimenting with country and bluegrass influences which is fantastic to be honest. Liar Liar from the new album sounds great, so does Hey Brother and of course the already released singles Wake Me Up and You Make Me. But the albums best song is probably¬†All You Need Is Love. But in all honesty, they’re all good! And it’s probably my biggest wish right now, to see Avicii live. I missed the chance on Br√•valla this year, not making the same mistake twice. It’s crazy how much good stuff he’s been producing this year. Watched his performance on the iTunes Festival today from London, and even from the couch in my apartment I felt the atmosphere. Just wanted to be on the dance floor to be honest, and damn.. that’s rare for me!

Btw isn’t it crazy how both the biggest house/dance star right now and the biggest star on YouTube (at least judged by subscribers) are both young Swedish guys?! All I can say is well done! Wonder what it’d feel like..

Also talked a bit to sis today who’s currently on the other side of the Atlantic visiting Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and New York. I’m not jealous at all! I feel like taking a trip like that myself next year when I’m turning 30. There are just so many things over there that one would like to see. I currently have a friend who’s working in a New York restaurant at the moment. Actually she’s responsible for the desserts I think. Would’ve been cool to meet up.

Last but not least, check out this preview for Quantic Dream’s new game called Beyond Two Souls featuring for instance Ellen Page as the leading character: