What is it that make some of us so attached to our fellow mammals? I’ve always been a huge animal lover, these past years cats in particular but I like most of them. Big and small. Whenever I come across a cat when I’m out walking or just at a friend’s or whatever I always squat and try to pet it. Your heart just melts when the cat comes to you and purrs and rubs against your legs. Adorable <3

I read a quite gripping article about a baby elephant on a zoo the other day. His mom had tried to kill him immediately after giving birth to him. Twice. And apparently this baby elephant kept crying for five hours. Tears literally came from his eyes. I didn’t know they could cry. Of course it doesn’t have to be crying from emotions but I looked into it and it appears they can. Damn I got so affected by this thing. Poor little one T_T

Read the articles here and here.

I also noticed another similar thing that kind of got to me today. A cat had climbed an electric pole and got stuck on top of it and didn’t get down. For three days the authorities refused helping out in getting him down but eventually they got their senses together and came to the cat’s rescue. Awww, poor little cat <3 If I could shelter all of the world’s cats and make them feel good I totally would!

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