Have you ever had a day where at the end of it, like around midnight, you feel like.. what happened? You know it was a good day but it all rushed past so quickly. And you’re left with a really funny feeling. It’s Wednesday and the middle of the week but it feels like Thursday. Well technically it is since I’m writing this quite late but yeah. My days have been rushing by but yet I’m ahead of schedule. Odd.

It’s been a good day though. I’ve been listening a lot to Veronica Maggio and it’s crazy I haven’t been doing that before really. Funny how I can completely ignore what’s popular at a certain point in time only to discover it by myself months later. Ok sure, I have heard some of the songs earlier but I haven’t properly listened to her albums. Now I’m definitely looking forward to her new album which is supposed to come out in the beginning of October, 4th more specifically.


Apart from that I hung out a bit with Kristofer and Anna. Discussing the new iPhone which of course is tradition after an Apple keynote. I can’t help but think that some of their innovative thinking died with Steve but maybe I’m wrong. I found a funny movie on Facebook regarding the release at least. Watch for yourself, it’s quite hilarious 🙂

We also watched this movie called The East which was very reminiscent of Erin Brokovich. The movie featured Brit Marling, Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård and it definitely hit home. It was somewhat slow in the beginning but it had you hooked after about halfway through and it got you thinking about the world we live in. Not saying it’s an Oscars nominee or anything but it was different and I would say somewhat cozy if you disregard the serious topic the movie revolved around. If you want to watch something else than your regular action flick and at the same time get to see Alex dress up in various handsome clothing and equally various hairstyles and beard then I’d say it’s definitely worth your time.

Then I also met this lovely little kitten who’s living in the neighborhood. He’s such a pretty little guy/girl and very cuddly. Purrs all the time.


Now? Audio book (Dan Brown) and sleep. I’ve felt good all day long but now I just feel weird. Sweet dreams to all of you~