Tonight I wanna talk about two random things that’s been on my mind lately, or at least crossed my mind. Let’s start with the light one.

The topic of greeting someone when you’re out on a walk or just happen to meet someone someplace when nobody else is around. Should you say something or should you just awkwardly stare straight ahead? If I’m in a good mood I tend to say hi and smile, which often leaves me with a good feeling. But this is not the important thing actually. Or it kind of is at it depends on whether you say hi or not. Let’s say you actually greet the person you meet, have you thought about their response? Well it’s funny because they often respond with the exact same phrase that you use. Given of course that you use a somewhat regular one. “Hej”, “Hej hej”, “Hejsan” and so on tend to work in swedish. It’s as if the brain can’t think of anything unique to say, it just repeats what’s been heard in the spur of the moment and yeah. That’s it. Fun though.


The other topic is rather disturbingly pedophilia. Whenever this topic occurs in the media or in a discussion of any kind it’s always very loaded and it’s never really justified in any way. Recently there was a young person from our local town or at least the vicinity that was charged with sexually abusing children and of course that makes you think. Apart from being sad of course. I’ve been reading up on the subject a little but not overly much.

Essentially what I’m thinking is that while it will never be justified, I somewhat pity the poor souls who end up with a fixation or mental illness like this, or whatever you’d want to call it. Especially when society hits down on them and hang them out as freaks and so on. I’m definitely not defending the behavior of sexually abusing someone though, as that should never ever be tolerated and OK in any way. But I’m just thinking here, it’s not like it’s their choice what they’re aroused by. It has been put there in the same way a man gets aroused by a woman, or another man if he’s homosexual. It’s not like that person wakes up one morning and thinks that today I want to be drawn to children. Isn’t it somewhat sad that a person will never get their “needs” met? I was under the impression that a pedophile also only could love children but it seems that was wrong. It’s more or less only a sexual fixation. So in that sense I guess it makes it less worse since you can actually live without having your sexual needs met even though of course it must be frustrating. But it’s better than hurting another human being.

Don’t really want to draw any conclusions as that’s more or less impossible. Especially without upsetting someone. I just want to say that I don’t think it’s OK in any way and it’s somewhat scary for me to think of. Still, it’s a horrible situation for the pedophile and I guess many of them most think that they wish they were like regular people where they didn’t have to commit crimes to live their lives fully. Also makes me think of the book Låt den rätte komma in in which a pedophile meets a vampire who was turned when he was young and thus physically stayed looking like a child, but mentally is like an adult. This of course is the pedophile’s dream come true in this case.

Damn, sometimes the world seem so cruel. In many ways. Take care all of you!