It’s Monday again and yet another week. It’s crazy that I’ve already been working for four weeks after this year’s vacation. It feels like those four work weeks passed quicker than my vacation. But perhaps even scarier, it seems like vacation was ages ago. Gah. If only it was like 48 weeks ago and I could be off work again, haha.

Today has been fairly good though! Work has been good and we had an education regarding newsletters and how to work with them. I’m not really a big fan of them as I usually throw them in the trash immediately but this tool for creating them was actually kind of neat. I was also somewhat charmed by the woman who held the education. Haha. It’s funny because I was discussing this with Hanna a few weeks back, how with some people you are instantly drawn to them in some way. What they look like. How they speak. How they behave. I remember her saying that sometimes she would just picture how that person would be in her life, what they’d do and what their children would look like and so on. Haha, isn’t it funny? Today was somewhat the same for me though I didn’t take it that far. But it definitely had me curious about what it’d be like. Yet another sign of me maybe being a bit too lovesick, haha.


Apart from that I’ve been hanging out with Anna who treated me to two lovely cakes from her birthday party. Cheesecake and carrot cake. Yummy! Had to take two walks to justify me eating them though. Damn! I also was planning for the upcoming masquerade party with Sara. I’m fretting over clothes and the mask. We’ve been looking at masks today and ended up looking at venetian masks. They’re pretty darn cool looking and if you’ve seen Eyes Wide Shut you know what I mean. Here’s our current faves.



As for clothes, yeah. I have my old suit that I got for last year’s customer event at work but I feel like spicing it up some. Maybe get a vest of some sort or at least a new shirt. We’ll see. We also discussed the music as the hosts wanted us to send in our favorite dance tunes. Ended up making an entire playlist. Ooops. Apart from lots of Daft Punk and Avicii one of the choices was obvious. DAAAAANZA KUDUROO!!!! OJ OJ OJ! OJ OJ OJ! Haha.

And here’s the entire playlist..

OK, so I better be off to bed. Much too late again. Damnit. Why can’t I rewind time at least two hours. Five hours of sleep only this night. DAMNIT! >_<