Isn’t it funny how sometimes the world seems so small? How you can bump into people you know time and time again, when and where you least expect it. At the same time it’s crazy how you can live in a small town as mine and 1) see new faces every day and 2) miss out on seeing people you know, for years.

It’s also funny because I don’t think I know a whole lot of people, but lately when I walk around downtown, or even if I’m walking a trail in the woods, I usually bump into at least someone I know. And if you’re in the grocery store you can be sure you’re definitely gonna run into people you know, especially if it’s a moment when you certainly don’t want to encounter anyone. It’s almost hilarious. It’s also crazy that you, when you’re in a completely different city, can bump into someone you know, even if they don’t live there. Which almost makes you think that hey, what’s going on here? Is the world really that small? Of course it isn’t, but in some way it is. It’s like fate or something. Odd.

Today I bumped into my old maths teacher on the grocery store parking lot. It makes me happy to have such a random encounter, especially when it’s with a cheerful guy like him. Old geezer smiled widely when he showed off his brand new BMW. Way to go old man. We’ve had quite many laughs thanks to him, and about him, haha. I also “ran into” an old internet friend of mine today. We speak like.. eh, once every half year or so, haha, but it’s always fun. Stuff like that makes my day. I would be stretching it saying that it made my day but I even ran into my ex for the first time the other day, which was and felt completely odd. Seeing someone almost everyday then all of a sudden not seeing that same person for like half a year. Strange feeling, and somewhat awkward. Feels like a different person. You don’t really know how to behave, apart from being polite naturally. My heart skipped a beat but otherwise I was fine, haha. Probably because I barely recognize people these days. Which reminds me: I should wear contacts or glasses more often, and especially when I’m out walking since I don’t recognize people until they’re literally in my face. I’ve been having people waving and greeting me often lately and I’m like… wait, who was that?!

It’s an interesting topic though, volatile feelings. Feelings that you might have thought of as solid and with a hefty foundation. Me and my internet friend were discussing it earlier today, mentioning how people drift in and out of our lives. And how odd yet natural it is that people come and go the way they do. But perhaps the most odd thing is how people can one day evoke one feeling, and the other day evoke a completely opposite one, or different one. It’s like what they say about ingenuity. There’s a fine line between that and madness. Of course I tend to think that it’s not as easy as that, and as black or white. But us humans, we prefer simplicity and we rather choose one distinct emotion over a mixed bag of several. It’s easier to deal with that way.