Forgot that I had my alarm set this morning. So after falling asleep roughly around 6am I woke up just a couple of hours later wondering what the fuck was going on. Right, the alarm for work days. Haha. Good one. Then I realized that I had no food what so ever in the fridge or the pantry and I was super hungry after only having had… uhh, I think ice cream for ‘supper’ the evening / night / morning before. Luckily there was a food festival going on in town and I had already fetched my vouchers for the event. Hauled my dead ass downtown, had some surprisingly good things to eat and then went home. Played some games and headed down to Kaj to hang out with a couple of peeps and now I’m here. Didn’t feel like going out today so I didn’t. And I don’t really regret it. Feels nice. I usually feel like I’m missing out on something if I don’t tag along. But then I realize that I won’t be having too much fun if I’m not in the right mood either. There will be more chances.

Also signed up for a fun party today that one of my bosses are hosting at the end of September. I wasn’t sure it was my kind of event to begin with but then I thought, what the heck. It might be fun and you never know if you don’t go. My only gripe was going alone since it’s always more fun if you’re two. At the time I didn’t realize an old colleague was going alone too so I could’ve asked her to tag along but yeah. Now I ended up going with another friend instead which in a way is more fun since I don’t know her all that well yet. I bet she’ll look gorgeous in those kind of clothes, so let’s hope I can match up somewhat 🙂

Now for some sleep. Tomorrow we’re celebrating mom who’s having her, what is it… 57th(?), birthday. Apart from that no real plans for tomorrow, just have to do some work that needs to be caught up with since I was home from work Thursday and Friday. Feeling a bit buuuuuu about that but what do you do. Need to get my exercise in as well. And then the day’ll be over. What’s with weekends and them passing so fast? Buuuhuuu…