Happy, happy, happy, happy! I feel like I don’t get to say that a lot lately. Haha. Well this weekend has been really good actually. Started on Friday with a trip to the amusement park. Then a really lazy day yesterday which was probably needed to regain some energy and charge the batteries. Today, some good motorsport events – both MotoGP and Formula 1. Also, a visit to a restaurant in Borås with my family. Plus, I might have someone who’s willing to tag along as my female wingman to the masquerade party that I’ve been invited to. If I decide to go that is. Well, fingers crossed!

MotoGP was pretty exciting today with a spectacular battle between three riders for first place. Marquez ended up drawing the longest straw of course and it seems like the title is decided soon. Same story with Formula 1 really where Alonso pulled out some magic tricks and went from ninth to finish second. The race was nothing spectacular really and it ended with Vettel winning and now he’s like two races ahead point wise compared to the others. Crazy. Apart from the start and Kimi having some issues with his breaks I guess the most interesting part was when they drenched Coulthard in champagne on the podium during the post race interviews, haha.

After that we went to Borås to have dinner. We’ve been talking about this for quite a while now but haven’t really gotten to it. That’s my family in a nutshell. Big plans but less good with execution. Anyways, we celebrated my birthday a bit late and mum’s 57th birthday next Sunday. This time we picked a restaurant called La Copita. In essence a tapas restaurant but they had lovely meat dishes as well. I went for the tapas and had four amazingly tasty dishes. Honestly. It’s a mystery why people don’t eat at restaurants more often. Sweet jesus. So good. I remember having an argument with my ex about what restaurant to go to a year or so back and now that I’ve eaten at George’s, Babbel and La Copita I can safely say that they’re all very good. For tapas you can’t go wrong with either Babbel or La Copita. I would say that the latter is a bit more cozy when it comes to interior decoration. It’s probably the nicest of them all. When it comes to enjoying that perfect fillet of beef, well… then you can’t go wrong with George’s, but it seems like La Copita is really good here too. I’m definitely trying their meat next time around.

Now I’m off to see the last half of Godzilla (the bad and silly one from 1998) and then some precious sleep. Tomorrow I have some important preparations to do at work so better be rested. Have a good week folks! Hugs.