I’ve just experienced two completely different days. Possibly in the reverse order of what one might think. It’s Saturday, roughly 2 o’clock, and I’m in my bed and I haven’t really done anything at all today. Truth is I’ve been completely knocked out from yesterday’s visit to the amusement park.

I ended up going to bed quite late and I slept restlessly all night before waking up around 10am and not being able to go back to sleep. Got out of bed reluctantly, did some chores, was upset about the smell in the bathroom (no, it’s not friggin’ poo!!!), went to sis to have lunch and then took a short walk with Anna. Then… crashed on my bed and slept for three hours, haha. I was hoping to drive some RC and hang out with some friends tonight but that kind of got canceled due to my beauty sleep. I tried crashing in Eric and Anna’s apartment for the evening but apparently my ex was hanging out there which rules me out. I don’t get it really, but then maybe I’m not supposed to either. I just wonder if it’s disgust, fear, awkwardness or something else. My friends keep telling me I’m somewhat of a monster after all. But personally, I’d rather bury the hatchet and go on with life since it’s completely awkward to have such a situation. Especially when I deep down still have much respect and love for the person. Oh well. Time heals everything and life goes on. If you’re out there, you know how I feel 🙂

But yesterday was good! Friday was good, lo and behold! Then again I’ve gotten pretty used to them being better than the actual weekend. Apart from the moment where I ended up being a puddle on the floor after a nervous breakdown. But yesterday was good. I barely worked at all and we went to the amusement park. I was having doubts the entire week if I was ready for it really. I’ve been, as some of you might know, somewhat stressed out lately. Tired. Nervous. But it got better towards the end of the week and I gave it a shot. To be honest with you I was somewhat scared of being the fifth wheel and also of the fact that I had such amazing memories from last year’s visit there. I was afraid that it would overshadow what I could experience this year and that I would end up feeling bad and yeah. Yada yada. As a matter of fact that did not happen at all and I got a completely different experience all together.


Man. Atmosfear. It had me being nervous all day. Actually part of the week as well. It’s enough to think about it for me to be nervous right to the fingertips. When visiting last year I didn’t know what to expect. I had never really been to Liseberg, and I had certainly not ridden any of the attractions there. Going there this year I knew all about what I liked, what I didn’t like, what made me feel nauseous, what scared the crap out of me, and so on. Still, I had my mind set to try Atmosfear again. It’s one hell of a ride after all. It was lurking at the back of my mind all day and I couldn’t really relax until it was over. But of course we saved it for quite late. Riding Lisebergsbanan, Kanonen, Balder, Jukebox, Spinrock and a couple of others before climbing the mountain and getting ready to fall from over 100 meters.

When finally arriving there and standing in line I realize that I ended up being pretty silent. Haha. I guess the mind was preparing for the task at hand. Last year we had to wait quite a while before it was our turn but this time around I think we only waited for five minutes. All of a sudden we had to pick our seats. Damn, I’m getting nervous just writing this, haha. Anna, Moa, Eric and Henrik ended up in one group. whilst me and Emil had to sit in two completely random spots between strangers. I thought to myself, damn… I’m going to die, and I’m going to do it among people I don’t even know. But before I knew we were on our way to the top. That’s the worst part. The time it takes to go up. At this point in time it was all about controlling your heart rate. Stay calm. There are so many thoughts flying through your head, but the most occurring one is…. yeah, what are you gonna do if the safety mechanism unbuckles. Better hold on tight. And you keep on going higher and higher. Above the Höjdskräcken and Uppskjutet towers. Still going up. Higher. Then you stop. You don’t look down. Not this time. If you do, you realize how high up you are and how small everything down there looks like. You feel so small, even though you’re on top of the world. You’re in a fucking chair 100 meters above ground level. It’s insane.  The guy next to you mumbles something in Swedish about never doing this thing again. Never again. Then… bam. You’re falling. Fast. Struggling to get air. Does it never stop?! It does. In fact it’s over quite quickly but that’s a relief since if it would’ve continued you’d be out cold. Definitely. But.. you survived. I survived! I beat my fear of heights for the sake of the adrenaline rush and I get to walk to my friends, arms raised with a smile on my face 🙂

Now – after Atmosfear that is – I can relax. Now it’s all about riding the attractions I enjoy the most, over and over again. This year I think I enjoyed Kanonen most of all. Sitting at the very front and enjoying the acceleration and the steep climb. And Balder of course. Or wait… no. Actually Flumeride was the most fun! Half of the group didn’t want to get sprayed by water but me, Moa, Henrik and Lisa formed the A team and went for Kållerado and Flumeride. Moa and I took turns sitting in the front seat of Flumeride, and believe me… it got soaking wet, haha. So much fun! I wish I would’ve had it on video. Apart from Balder in the dark, Flumeride was probably the highlight. And Spinrock was fun and such a scare too. Hanghai was quite boring this year, not as much fun as riding it with Louise last year when it had gotten dark. I guess the novelty wears off somewhat. Didn’t buy any cotton candy this year or spend huge amounts of money trying to win candy or chocolate.

Soooo… all in all, a lovely visit to Gothenburg and Liseberg and a lovely new memory with awesome friends and great weather. It was much needed for me since I haven’t had too much fun since the vacation ended. Here’s hoping there’s more  where that came from~~

It’s a shame I didn’t get more photos or video but you don’t really wanna carry your phone around too much as you risk losing it riding some of the attractions. Have a few though. Enjoy~ 😉



PS. Being happy is nice. Being among friends is nice. Being happy among good friends is even nicer. Feeling like you’re doing the right thing, while being happy and among good friends is the best. Just wish it’d happen more often!