It’s funny when you let your memories dictate your future. Have you ever had this? I guess it all comes down to how nostalgic you are as a person.

When it comes to me I gotta say that I love meeting new persons, especially getting to know them and feeling that they become a part of your life. So in this case making new memories is great. Also when you experience something for the first time, and when it’s something that’s always somewhat of a kick. Something that’s for instance part of your hobby. But sometimes you experience moments that are so precious to you that you are in a way scared of overwriting them.

Seems silly, doesn’t it? And I wonder why I have the thought at all really since a memory will most likely be with you most of your life, and if you ever happen to overwrite it then it’s most likely to be with an even better one. Still I’ve often had this idea. Sometimes I’m scared of going places because it reminds me too much of something. Or I have this dear notion of a place I’ve been before and I don’t want that destroyed by going there again. I think that in a way some memories and some places deserve to remain untainted. But there has to be drawn a line as well, somewhere, so that you don’t end up not being able to do anything at all. And some things are just too good not to be experienced again!