Two nights of proper rest seem to have worked… well, if not wonders, at least in a good way. Today has been a fairly good day. I’ve been productive at work and managed to do at least a few things after work. Though I did take my fair share of time trying to actually leave the office. I wonder what the fuck is wrong with that?! Sitting staring at the monitor for an hour before actually going home. Laziness.

They recorded another movie at work today. This one is supposed to be about the company. They interviewed my boss and recorded a couple of additionally scenes, supposedly to show off the office and what work can look like at our place. Haha, I wonder how lame I’ll come out this time. Given how funny the photo ended up. I have high hopes! Will keep you posted of course. Next week I have an education for a client and also I’m meeting with a potential hosting partner. It’s kinda nice that my job is somewhat varied. Even exciting from time to time! And I like the responsibility.

Hung out with Andreas a bit today. First time in quite a while I think? Or maybe not. I barely keep track of the days anymore. Cooked egg and bacon, sweeeeet. That tasted delicious to be honest. I never really cook anything for supper. Just make my daily sandwich. Today I also spiced it all up with some blutsaft (listen to that god damn word) and magnesium supplement. The first one tasted awful but the magnesium one was actually kinda good. We’ll see if that works in a positive way when it comes to how I feel. Both in terms of actually not being so god damn tired and maybe it’ll even make me a bit more happy. I don’t really think it will but who knows. It’s worth a shot.

Watched the second episode of Attack on Titan as well. It’s getting interesting and I’m looking forward to see how it’ll pan out. I just want to see the main characters get awesome! Also took the HPI Savage Flux out for a spin. I’ve barely driven it but it was super fun today and I really miss driving my RC cars. Didn’t do that a single time during my vacation. To quote the angry video game nerd: What was I thinking?!

Oh and yeah! A friend asked me today if we shouldn’t go see Håkan Hellström in Scandinavium in December. Of course we should! I feel like I really should see him at least once. I’m also seeing Lars Winnerbäck and Volbeat this winter 🙂

Apparently there’s a new movie coming out from the writer of No Country for Old Men. It’s being directed by Ridley Scott and there are some great actors in it. I think Ridley’s new favorite is Michael Fassbender. I love him as well. Real talent and likable person! Have a look at the first trailer:

Also, have a look at this fabulous drawing my boss did the other day. Too bad I can’t show you the one where he had him drawn with a kilt and his balls hanging out slightly below the kilt line. Hilarious. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Check out Magnus at our homepage and judge for yourself if it’s similar or not 😉