In bed before 10pm. On a Saturday. Not really feeling it, obviously. Which means that this day passes by in an instant without really doing anything. It also means that tomorrow is Sunday and I barely feel rested and ready for a new week at work. I have no words for it. But I’m not surprised really. My weekends as of late tend to suck ass and I’m more excited on Friday than I am during the entire weekend. Again, no words.

Yesterday was Friday. Of course. Seeing as it’s Saturday today. You follow? Good. My idea was to leave work a few hours early since I worked my ass off the day before. But that didn’t work out. Of course. We released version 1.5 of our own homepage, go see for yourself. Nothing out of the ordinary but a step forward. After coming home I died on my bed and my plan was to keep on doing that but friends wanted otherwise. Kaj was an angel and drove me to ICA, and after that I watched Pain & Gain with a few friends. 30 minutes too long but funny from time to time. It’s always fun to see The Rock. He is… well, big. It’s insane that it’s based on a true story too. But yeah, ‘murica. No surprises there really.

Yeah I took a bath too. I’ve had the same bath salt for like half a year which I guess tells you how much I’ve been using that bathtub lately. Not so much. But to be honest with you it’s not so nice when it’s hot outside. I prefer to have the window open and it be snowing outside. That way you get fresh air and can actually breathe while still lying in hot water. So it wasn’t so nice in the end. Just got sweaty and felt like a pile of pork.

Today. Went for a walk. Did some laundry. Folded some laundry. Cleaned the apartment a bit. Watched a not-so-exciting men’s 200m sprint. And listened in on Andreas’ dating experience. Guy got himself a date! Way to go man. I’m sure you’ll be having a new girlfriend in no time which is fucking well deserved. Leaves me wondering whether I should do that too but from talking to a few girls lately I don’t really feel the excitement. Maybe I’m just not ready yet. Who knows.

Now. My heart is beating oddly again and my eyes hurt. Don’t really feel like doing anything either. Better quit this day and hope that tomorrow won’t be a day that’s constantly trying to make me cry. Sigh..