Oh man! It’s 2am and I just finished up this programming task that I started around 10-11am earlier today, haha. As a matter of fact I fucked up and had to redo the whole thing. Hasn’t happened to me in my career until now. I mean sure, the first solution would have worked but it was glitchy and I wasn’t satisfied. Realized that I could solve it in a better way and here I am. I feel like my current solution is far from the best but at least it’s failsafe. It’s working all the time. Which leaves me with a nice feeling in my gut!

Tomorrow is Friday and that means it’s weekend. Or is it? Haha. It’s not Saturday quite yet but Friday afternoon breathes of weekend at least. It’ll be nice. Don’t have any plans for tomorrow but for Saturday I think we’ll watch Elysium and the Swedish Longboard Downhill Championship in Taberg, Jönköping. A good friend of mine is hosting it since he’s the owner of Boardlife. Best of luck to him and I hope it will be a great event!

Kinda got addicted to this song as well, for which I am a bit ashamed. But then again, I’m a complete pop freak and commercial sellout when it comes down to it. You heard it? I’m sure you have.


Photo on 2013-08-15 at 22.52