Today is Tuesday. Which means that tomorrow is Wednesday. Which by definition means that we’re halfway done with this week’s work. I wonder what fun this weekend has in store? I hear Elysium is supposed to be good. Maybe watch that. I also hear that next week people are going to Liseberg but I’m still not sure whether I should go or not! Decisions.

And my god my stomach is aching from far too little food. I wonder if I should give it something to work with before hitting the sack. I never really eat anything in the evening apart from maybe a sandwich or a fruit. And today I only had a salad for lunch and a couple of swedish crackers for afternoon tea. I’m starving! Plus I’m dying to eat something sweet. Like those M&Ms I have in the pantry. But no no! Not until Saturday. Haha.

Today has been a better day then yesterday! Been more alert, more rested, happier. Period. Day passed by quite quickly and hopefully I was somewhat efficient at work. Ended up going for a walk with Stina today too which was totally nice. I guess I was better company today thanks to a better mood. I pity my friends for having to put up with my whining from time to time, but that’s part of the package. Sorry! After that I went to sis and helped her and her friend out with selecting a digital camera for their trip to america. I gotta say that I’m somewhat jealous of them. I bet they’ll have a blast over there! I wanna go there too eventually. Maybe when I’m celebrating 30. Just maybe.

That reminds me. I’m doing laundry and it’s almost half past twelve. Fabulous! My apartment is still a mess too and I promised myself to clean up a bit before bringing the cats over. Less stuff for them to mess around with on the floor. Oh whatever. It’ll be fine!