There’s something special about people who excel at what they do. I mean really excel. There are those that we can be impressed by. Role models. In our daily life really. Then there are those that seem like supermen or wonderwomen. As if they were conceived from some secret sauce gene pool. Watching these men and women do what they do always leaves me in awe.

I remember watching the olympics from Atlanta in 1996. The athletics were great and had many icons, for instance Carl Lewis who won his fourth consecutive olympic gold medal in the long jump. Perhaps the biggest name were Michael Johnson though and his final run gave me shivers. There were two other runners too, extremely talented. Ato Boldon and Frankie Fredericks. And they both ran phenomenal times. Still, Johnson left them in the dust. It’s insane to think that out of all these runners, where the competition is so tough, one man emerges and is even better. And not by a small margin. I wonder what it’d feel like to arrive at such a situation. To know that you’re faster than everyone else, in such a way that they’re without chance, even though they’re the best at what they do. Crazy.

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And then something happens that no one thought possible. At least not in decades to come. But lightning struck in the form of Usain Bolt. His performances in Beijing 2008 and Berlin 2009 were insane really. Not to mention in London 2012 as well, beating names like Yohan Blake, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell.