The start of yet another week and as always I’m the complete opposite of motivated. It’s hilarious really. I feel like right now there’s nothing I’d like to do in particular. I have no energy for anything and I’m not excited about anything. Kind of sad when you think about it. Managed to go for a walk today at least. Stina tagged along and we went the lovely route along Sträckås and into the forest. It’s been quite a while since I last went there. I needed the company and the chat. Lots of things still messing around in my head I suppose. To and from.

We’ve both also decided to cut the crap during regular weekdays and save that for weekends. Crap in this context meaning alcohol, snacks, candy and so on. Maybe it’ll actually make a difference coupled with regular exercise. God knows. And good luck to me. He he he… he..


After that we watched this movie called The Killing Room. Pretty boring although the concept was I would say fairly interesting at least. Made me feel tired and quite bad though.

So yeah.. all in all, I got what you can expect from a Monday really. And right now I feel like crap and my heart feels like it’s skipping every second beat. Blah. Time for some much needed sleep. Bye~