Watching Pacific Rim got me thinking about anime and more specifically about the series that started it all for me, Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you like anime you ought to do yourself a favor and see it. It’s one of the classics and I remember much of it even today. Fond memories. I happened to meet up with Micael, Ida and Andreas (amazing people by the way) on the screening for Pacific Rim and after the movie we talked about how awesome the movie was and I mentioned how it got me thinking about Evangelion. We got into a discussion about anime and how great it is once you’re into it and yeah.. that I kind of miss watching it. Anime more or less made up a certain period of my life. Used to watch more than a healthy dose of it.


As for Evangelion they are now remaking the series into a couple of movies, four of them more specifically. I showed Andreas a bit of the first one today. I haven’t seen them myself actually, since the last one isn’t complete yet. But now I’m not sure I’ll be able to restrain myself from watching them. There are lots of cool mecha animes like Evangelion, Macross, Gundam and Full Metal Panic. Last mecha anime I remember watching was Gundam Unicorn which I watched with a good friend who wasn’t even into anime. If I remember correctly I think she actually liked it quite a bit, even though she wasn’t really into anime. I doubt she remembers it now though, hehe. Almost forgotten it myself. Think we watched five episodes and it’s supposed to be seven. But it’s one of those where an episode comes out like every six months or so. Takes a while before the series gets completed. I also remember watching Golgo 13, haha. Pretty peculiar but once you got into it it was somewhat enjoyable. All episodes being standalone and Golgo being pretty badass.


Today I jumped over to MyAnimeList and watched their top anime list. Found a series I had heard about when reading about Pacific Rim actually, and how someone thought that Rinko Kikuchi (playing Mako in PR) would play the part of Misaki (from the series) in a live action movie real well. Looked it up and downloaded a couple of episodes. Watched the first one today and it caught my attention. Think I’ll actually watch all of it. Oh and it was called Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan. Like I said, there’s something special about anime. How you get fond of the voice actors. How they are conveying feelings. How they tell their stories. I believe many don’t give it a chance because they think that either it’s all sex, violence and blood or it’s those crazy big eyes and bleeding noses. It’s a shame really because there are real gems to be found. For instance all of the Ghibli movies. Princess Mononoke. Grave of the Fireflies. Spirited Away. My Neighbour Totoro. And there are all these super exciting sport animes like Hajime no Ippo.

Nuff said about that though. My body is completely exhausted. I should’ve been sleeping an hour ago already. Why do I always end up getting in bed too late? And when I do get in bed on time I end up spending hours in front of the computer watching some show, chatting with somebody or writing on here? I’m probably doomed to die from insomnia, or at least too little sleep.

Oyasuminasai friends~