How do you even begin to describe the sheer epicness that is this movie?! I felt like a little kid on christmas eve. It had huge, kickass robots. Cool monsters/kaijus. Awesome fights. Amazing settings, art and motion graphics. Oh and the soundtrack! Sweet. Everything you can ask for in a blockbuster really. Del Toro sure did his job. And the guys over at ILM too of course. Plus they had a badass japanese chick in it who occasionally spoke japanese. I melted, haha. I felt like when I watched Independence Day back in 1997 or whatever the year was. You’re drawn into the world in a certain way. And it’s just not because it’s huge robots and all that. It’s because of the magnitude of it all I guess. Humanity coming together to save the world. Also the fact that it’s just a bit over the top, it could very well be possible, but not quite. I guess there’s something with huge robots as well. It’s like trying to explain why you like the engine note of a car. Or shopping shoes. You either like it, or you don’t.


In all honesty it of course had its flaws. For sure it could have been longer with a more fleshed out background story. Like more of how the Jaeger program was started, the first Jaegers, first Kaijus and so on. I’m sure they have the info lying around anyway. The characters could all have been more like Mako Mori as well, with an interesting story to them. Then again, not all of us have luggage in the form of revenge to deal out or whatever. I would have liked to see even more mecha fighting as well. But yeah, these are all minor things in a movie like this and you completely forget about it once the action starts. But maybe in a prequel? ๐Ÿ™‚ Or what about an extended edition รก la Lord of the Rings with on hour of extra footage, hehe.

I actually got so thrilled about this that I bought a concept book or whatever you’d call it, as well as the graphic novel detailing what happened before the movie. When the war against the kaijus started. Hopefully they’re good! It’s been several months since I last bought something, apart from alcohol in Germany, hehe. It felt a bit bad parting with your heard earned money but it was for a good cause!

There’s also this super cool looking statue of Gipsy Danger coming out in 2014. It’s as expensive as it is cool though so I think I’ll pass on it. Still, it would be cool to have it sit on your desk!


For now I’ll have to look forward to the bluray release so that I can watch it again. And again. And maybe again. Haha. Honestly, thoroughly recommended for all you out there who even have the slightest of interest in robots or like blockbuster movies with lots of kickass and cool special effects. It’s like a good hybrid of Godzilla and Transformers. If you’re just a tiny wee bit nerdy about this, go see it. Also, watch all the cool videos Warner Bros has lying around on YouTube.