I remember being little and thinking how life would be so cool if I would be tiny. Like, if you ever saw that movie Nils Karlsson Pyssling. Being able to fit in real small spaces. Getting into your small toys, like driving the model cars and stuff like that. Not like that would ever work but still. I was reminded by this when I saw a real cool photo. You know how cool things look in a microscope, right? Damn, I should get one eventually. Anyways. Behold!


This is sand! SAND! To think that all those small grains are all looking like that. Those lovely shapes and colors. Life is astonishing really. Or should I say that nature is astonishing. Life is. Haha. Well. Let’s not go there. I first saw this in the group I fucking love science on Facebook. Recommended. Join, and marvel at all the cool stuff they share every day.