Because things are so effing boring right now and I decided to switch to a slightly more colorful theme. I think it’s super sleek as well and of course, uh, somewhat pink. Ish. I guess? Let’s see how long I’ll stick to using it. And hey, colorful?!? Haha, the header isn’t gray. Whoa. Now that says something about me. Colorful as a crow.

7pm. Let’s see, what did I do today? Work. Of course. Have you ever had that moment where you barely have the energy to go home once you’ve done with work? You end up staying an hour extra just because you’re too unimpressed with the idea of actually going home. Yeah, that happened today. And it’s raining of course. Now I’ve been sitting here on my ass, contemplating what to do but I believe it’s decided. It’s time to eat sausage, do the fucking dishes, shave them ballz and then go for a walk. Oh god the excitement. And afterwards? You guessed it! Waste more time before going to bed way too late..

I wish I had something more fun to write about. Some interesting topic that I’d gotten across and that is worthwhile to ponder. Or some idea in my head that needs to be put into words and tossed around with a bit. Maybe an eventful thing to share. But no. This is it. This is life in all its glory. The regular, lovely life. This is life at the moment. Dissing my friends and doing nothing. Now doesn’t that sound like a party?!

And to think that I have like dozen of movies to watch, series to finish and start, about ten super good games to play and so on. It’s amazing how all the things I used to like doing now just feel like a chore. I wish I had the energy and soul in me to finish LA Noire. I wish I could start to watch Mad Men’s last season. Or watch Cloud Atlas. But naaaaaw. Why? The few hours a day you have to do something is better spent staring at something stationary and waiting for the world to fall apart.

At least there’s a new Thor trailer out. Portman is a pretty as ever and Elba, man… is he in everything right now?! Looking forward to this movie at least. Not a huge fan of the previous one but it was good entertainment. This looks to be delivering on the same level. Meh, see for yourself.

PS. Today is, apparently, international orgasm day. Have sex or wank away~

PPS. Waking up with cramps in your anus is a fucking virtue. Damn! You wonder why you woke up and then a second later you realize. AHHHH! OUCH!