I’m not writing this with as much melancholy as I thought I would. Vacation has come to an end. Tomorrow it’s back to work again, back to business. I’m fortunate enough to have a job I quite enjoy so going there really isn’t something that is associated with anxiety. I know some are in that situation. Let it be said that I sympathize with you. I’m getting up in five hours none the less. Work conference. I’ll be dead, that’s for sure..

But man, it’s been yet another amazing vacation. Spending it single this time, which of course, in a way, sucks. But so much fun happened! Met so many nice persons that I got to share lovely moments with. And there are more moments to come I hope! Also, what an amazing ending to it all: Uport Musikweekend. Fantastic arrangement during which there was great weather. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially jumping around like a rabbit to The Sounds and Teddybears. Met many friends that I haven’t seen in a long while and also a couple of new faces. Hope it’ll be something that happens often during summertime in our little town.

Now I better be off to get me some rest. Sweet dreams folks~~