Hi there stranger. It’s late over here. Probably one of the last nights this year, in the middle of the week, that I’ll be spending like this. Awww, that thought sucks. It’s so sweet not really having to care when to go to bed and when to get up in the morning. Taking a stroll in the middle of the night. Getting home, not really feeling the need to sleep. Even though you might be perfectly tired. The sweetness~~

Today passed by quickly. It was a good day though. A chilly rainfall made the day a bit more bearable. Went for a walk. Picked up my umbrella at Kaj’s. Moved on to picking up my glasses at Sarah and Björn’s. Walked a bit more. Stopped by Netto and said hello to Nat, bought some water and a bar and continued my walked. Now accompanied by Andreas. Weather was nice now. Sunny. But just the right temperature. Hung out a bit with a new friend, Sarah’s little sis. Pleasant acquaintance! I love how I’m comfortable enough with myself to get to know people who basically were complete strangers the day before. It’s a nice feeling. I love meeting new people, coming to know them and having that warm feeling inside that your life is made richer by the ones around you. Sweet <3

vakker-manRight! Jonas stopped by too! It’s been months and months since I last saw him. Haha. Lönar. It was great seeing him really! I realize that even though you meet new friends that somewhat replace your old friends, they can’t truly be replaced. You have that certain thing going on with each and every one of your friends. A certain kind of bond. You joke about certain stuff, you talk in a certain way and yeah. I guess you might know what I’m talking about. So it was nice seeing him again. Valrossen 😀

Oh and gosh yeah. While making dinner we noticed that my counter dishwasher was broke. Haha. Life at Källgatan 12 came to a halt! Nooooes. It’s funny how Anna asked me in a text if I mourned my dear dishwasher. Well, do I? A bit! But not enough to not go out a buy a new one as soon as possible. I’ll see if I can get the old one fixed and then sell it to somebody that can put it to good use. Honestly, everyone should have one. It’s an investment in life quality. Better have a good time doing something else than standing by the sink, cleaning dishes and having your back hurt from slightly leaning over due to the counter being a bit too low. Duh!

Tomorrow. Meeeh. Thursday! My second to last day this vacation. I can’t believe that it’s already almost over. What you looked forward to for like half a year. And we’re into August now, which means half of this year has passed. It’s insane really. I feel like it wasn’t too long ago we celebrated christmas and my ex came home from Spain. But when I think about it, quite much has happened since. I’ve been sad. I’ve been happy. I’ve been excited. I’ve been stressed out. I’ve been working. I’ve been meeting people. I’ve been playing games. I’ve been watching movies. I’ve been laughing. I’ve been crying. I’ve been traveling. Lots of stuff really has happened. Given the circumstances I think I can safely say that these past months have been good to me. Here’s hoping the fall will be cozy! And not too lonely! ^_^;;

But yeah… tomorrow. No big plans. Definitely going to watch The Wolverine in the evening anyways! Now for some more of the Dan Brown audio book. Oh and yeah, my heart has been nice to me today. Happy~~

So let’s get undressed
Cause I wanna see you naked 🙂