Today is Tuesday. There’s overcast weather outside, which is kind of what I wished for for today. I needed a day without intense sun and humidity from hell. I want a day where I can settle down inside and do stuff I haven’t really done this vacation. At least not as much as I might’ve wanted. Sorting papers out, maybe playing a game, catching up on a few TV series that I watch, maybe having a chat with a friend or two. My body has given me signs lately that I should ease down on my pace. Search for some inner calm again. Not just run around searching for adventure. All in moderate amount I guess.

Yesterday I fell asleep early. Listening to the audio book I’ve been listening to lately. Dan Brown’s Inferno. Yeah I know they’re not the most cultivating of literature but I quite enjoy them and they’re exciting to read. Also they tend to teach you a thing or two about the world and in this case literature and art. I haven’t really been too dedicated, should’ve been done with it by now but life got in between. As always, I don’t give reading enough time. I have plenty of books lying around that need my attention. A Song of Ice and Fire. The Hunger Games Trilogy. Fifty Shades of Grey, haha. But yeah, can’t really seem to find the time and peace to read these days. Maybe once summer is over and fall takes over. I tend to wanna read when it’s dark outside.

Didn’t really get a good night’s sleep in however. Strangely. Fell asleep around 11pm which is early by my schedule. Woke up several times though, even had to wash my hair around 5am because it got so frigging itchy. Also had a lot of weird and bugging dreams that made me feel uneasy. Anyways, it’s noon now and I’m still in bed. Should probably get up and have some kind of brunch once I’m done writing this. God knows what’s in my fridge these days. I feel like I should probably use this week to throw away most of it, well at least half of it.

Time to get something to eat!