I’m back from Germany! Well I’ve actually been back for a few days but I’ve been trying to take it all in and fall back into lazy mode so there’s been no updates on here. I feel like I want to share the experience here eventually but all in due time. There’s photos to edit, movies to upload and what not. And to think that the vacation is coming to a close! Well not really but almost. It’s Monday and it’s my last week of freedom. It truly has been a great three weeks so far. Lots of fun moments, lots of good friends and quite surprisingly unbelievably good weather!

You know life is good when things are happening around you and you’re happy and feeling good, and when all of a sudden when reality pokes at you again, with work, everyday and what not… it feels like a bubble of good stuff is about to burst. It’s like you almost forgot about your ordinary life, haha. I’m so silly when it comes to things like that. I feel as if it’s gonna go away, even though it’s not like that. Friends are still there. You can still do fun stuff. It’s like when I meet someone I like, be it a friend or a love interest, I’m so scared that they’ll go away when I look the other way. Odd feeling, and I wonder why I have it?

I remember coming home from Germany last Tuesday, was it? Yeah, I believe so. And then we said, damn.. .it’s only one and a half week of vacation left. And now nearly another week has passed. Haha. It’s crazy how fast time passes by really. Then again, it’s not like I’ve been lying on my ass waiting for time to pass. Last Friday a surprisingly big group tagged a long to watch Now you see me in Jönköping. I’ve been interested in that movie since I first saw the first trailer. It surely was an entertaining movie and I think the others shared my opinion. Check it out on IMDb. Next in line of movies to watch is The Wolverine!

Sarah and Björn also had their housewarming! I haven’t seen these guys more than like… twice, but it feels like I’ve known them for months. And it was a fun party with many new faces for me. Apart from getting drenched in sweat thanks to the very humid and hot weather, it was all good fun! Haha. Oh and they served pulled pork. Nomnomnom! I’ve only heard people talk about it in food shows and stuff like that before and it really lived up to its reputation. I’m definitely trying it on my own in the future. All you need is some good preparation and lots of time in the oven 🙂

Yesterday we watched and eventful Formula 1 race on Hungaroring as well. Very well deserved victory for Hamilton, and his first for Mercedes. Such a shame that Romain had to get that unfair drive-through penalty. And yeah, Ferrari sure has a lot of work to do on their car to catch up to the leading teams.

Btw, I nearly forgot! Damn, haha. I started with the title suggesting that things might’ve been better before. Before, as in many years back. In this particular case I was thinking of movies. We watched a movie from 1986 called The Color of Money yesterday. Been wanting to see it for long really. Tom Cruise and Paul Newman play a couple of pool playing guys, and the latter wants to train the young hotshot how to hustle people. That is, how to get their money by making them believe they’re better at pool than you are, and then in the end winning all the money back. I can’t really lose the feeling that movies had a better atmosphere back in the days. How they tell the story, how they cut and how the actors play their roles. And first and foremost maybe the writing. They can tell a story that draws you in and surprises you. Not one that you can figure out after 15 minutes. Anyway, thoroughly recommended!

Now I’m off for some lunch and then later a quick check-in at work to help my colleague who just started to work… to get started. Haha. Bye~~