Ok, I’m about to sleep so that I can wake up in good time for leaving for Germany. Good time, haha. Like, regular time for most people but 7am now that I’m on vacation. Well that’s mad early! Mad early even for when I’m working actually. Sigh. I fail!

Yesterday Hanna came to visit and it was oh so fun to see her again! It’s been like a year actually. Far too long anyway. I’ve been having a couple of shitty days lately but seeing an old friend and having one of those long catch up talks was probably what I needed to get my energy back. Today we celebrated Eric’s 29th birthday and me and Anna made two delicious cakes. Yummy! I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed them, and I believe Eric was happy with his birthday as well 🙂 Wish I could’ve stayed longer!

Now let’s hope I have everything packed and ready for tomorrow. When you leave these days there’s so much to think about. Especially all the electronic gadgets that I use. And you gotta bring chargers for all of them. It’s a mess really. But I think I have everything under control!

Ok then, an episode of True Blood then off to dream land. And then I won’t be seeing you in about 4-5 days. Have a nice time ’till then! 🙂