Cleaning stuff from my computer to make room for some movies on the go. Found some old files, including old text message history. Gosh, and of course, the biggest convo was between me and her. The start of our very relationship. It feels like stuff always pop up when I’ve decided to not think too much about it, haha. Anyway, I’ll be honest, I’d fall for you all over again if that would be the case. Reading this old correspondence makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, haha. It’s like winding back time three years and I’m there again. You were… well, amazing! And cute. Charming. All those funny expressions. Schönsplatsen. Party i analen. Among others. Haha. That someone took an interest in me was astounding really. Mind-boggling for me at the time.  I wonder if I’ll ever meet someone like that again and experience those feelings? Oh well, cheers to you, you were the best and I was not the one for you, hope you’re having the time of your life! Meh, I’m a nostalgic fuck 😀

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