So another week passes. It’s crazy how time flies. One of those cliches, but it’s true. It’s as if time passes quicker the older you get too. The scary part for me is that I barely remember what I do every weekday. It’s waking up, tired from too little sleep, work, lunch, more work, home and then it’s a blur till I fall asleep and it all begins anew. Anyway, in all fairness I _do_ remember going for a long walk and having a party with my fellow colleagues this week. Good fun! Really good fun actually! Thank God for my precious colleagues honestly. I do realize that having colleagues who are more or less friends, well.. that’s nothing you should take for granted. I often get my days saved by you to be honest! Thanks~~

I’m having one of those evenings… or should I say nights or early mornings. The Friday was turning into a really boring one, much the same yesterday (Thursday) did. Nothing coming out of it. No energy to do anything in particular. Just feeling out of it. No joy. But then Adina came to the rescue and we watched this movie called ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’. It was a decent flick, and I must say that I fell slightly in love with the main actress. Pretty girl. As far as the story goes, well… beanstalk, giants, an unlikely hero, against all odds, you know how it goes. But it was OK! Adina’s cat Tom is such an adorable kitty too. Purring in my lap and on my chest. Now it’s well past 3am and I’m listening to slow and melancholic music, editing some photos, and not really thinking about too much. It’s getting bright outside as well. Which makes me reminisce about the past, all those nights I’ve spent sitting up way too late… chatting, playing games, and what not. I feel OK actually. Maybe a bit bitter, and angry at times. Might be that phase..

Tomorrow I have to get up, well.. before the liquor store closes to be honest. Going to a friend’s housewarming later on. Gonna be a bunch of fun! Wish the paycheck landed this weekend though, haha. I wonder if I should get my friend anything for the apartment or just buy him a bottle of whisky? I don’t think he’ll be sad if I don’t get anything at all actually but it’d be fun! Next weekend it’s midsummer’s too. Apart from those celebrations I’m going to try to not do too much at all. Practice being alone maybe. Having fun alone again. And exercising in some kind of way…

Oh yes, damn.. tomorrow and this entire weekend I’m going to have to sort shit out in the apartment. It’s a fucking mess. Dirty. Stuff everywhere. No order. It’s driving me nuts. It’s not that I can’t stand it but it’s like a thorn in your side. You know what I mean? I’m sure you do. And a few weeks back I was so proud of having cleaned the entire apartment and now it’s fallen to pieces again, haha. Well then, better sleep so I have some energy left tomorrow. Nighty~~

Ryan Adams – If I Am A Stranger – Live in The Studio
Avicii – X You – Radio Edit